Japanese confectionery and snacks made in an environment with strict safety controls

Getting together with friends for a sweets session is always fun. To protect that fun and happy feeling, confections and snacks must be made safely and reliably. These are some of the techniques and measures that Japanese confectionery and snack manufacturers use to make sure your treats are safe and secure.

Japanese Sweets

Why Japanese confectionery and snacks are safe


Meticulous hygiene management

Hygienic conditions are thoroughly managed in the factory floor where confections and snacks are manufactured in Japan. Small metal objects that could get mixed into the products are strictly prohibited from bringing into the factory. After changing into work clothes at the factory, workers use an automatic brush to clean their shoes and a lint roller and vacuum hose to remove hair from their clothes. Next, they pass through an air shower that blasts a powerful stream of air to remove dust. They then check themselves in a mirror, once more use the lint roller to remove dust, and use alcohol-based hand sanitizer. It is only after this strict process that the worker can finally enter the factory. Metal detectors are used during production to check for foreign materials carefully and meticulously.


Careful considerations in packaging

Safety and security considerations apply not only to the products, but also to the packaging. Ingredient labels are prepared based on allergen classifications specified for Japan and presented so that they stand out and are easily understood by anyone. Warnings to prevent choking accidents in children and elderly people are made highly visible in an easy-to-read font, like the blue part in the picture.


Individual wrapping and special attention to hygiene

Products are often individually-wrapped, as is distinctive of Japanese treats. This is more sanitary when sharing with family or friends and has the added benefit of keeping your treats fresh longer. The designs are often cute and depict the brand’s worldview, and the packages are both highly functional and informative. While devising ways to enhance safety and functionality, no efforts are spared to build the brand and meet consumer expectations. Everyone’s story is different, and manufacturers want eating treats to be a moment of happiness for each individual. Manufacturers are constantly working to increase quality in safety so that you can enjoy Japanese confections and snacks with peace of mind anytime, anywhere.